"Why pay for a personal trainer when I can do this myself for free? That's exactly what I thought... For two whole years. I tried for over two years to lose weight on my own with no success. Then, I saw Jamie's Instagram post on his own "before" and "after" experience and after I commented, he replied and kindly offered advice on healthy eating and invited me to email him for more information if I so desired. Now, I'm in the US and he's in the UK. There's no way you can hire a personal trainer who isn't there at the gym with you let alone on a different continent right? Wrong! Jamie was available by email all the time and responded rapidly to any and all of my questions. By providing him with a few simple statistics such as height and weight and how often I can (realistically) get to the gym each week, he did all the calculations and sent me a personalized meal and exercise plan. When I got discouraged and wanted to quit because I couldn't do a single push up, he quickly replied and offered a modification, encouragement, and his own personal experience about when he started. Now I can do more push ups in a row than I ever thought possible. In 6 short weeks I lost 15lbs and dropped 2 pants sizes!! After 2 years of trying to lose weight on my own I was desperate to lose just a single pound. And in less than 2 months I lost 15! Not only did I physically feel better but mentally too. Hiring Jamie as my personal trainer was the best money I've ever spent!" 

Julia - Atlanta GA

After spending pretty much the entirety of my adult life following some fad diet, falling off the band wagon and putting on more weight than I had lost each time, I stopped and thought this needs to change. I contacted Jamie from Limitless Training who put together a fantastic home workout plan for me as I was unable to access the gym at this time. He also put together a meal plan which didn’t even feel like a diet - for someone who gets bored of salads very easily. He helped me change my lifestyle for the better and overall I lost 16lbs in 12 weeks! It has now been 6 months since I started with Jamie and I have kept the weight off and continue to see him on a weekly basis.

Lara - Surrey UK 

I Would definitely recommend Jamie, he is hardworking and very passionate about what he does! His unique and personal approach makes the program very easy to follow. Unlike other “diets” or weight loss/weight management programs there is no “one size fits all approach” there are no “points” and no “sins”, you eat real food in a way that is balanced and sustainable and do workouts catered to your ability. Whatever your goal may be Jamie will definitely have a program that works for you. My goal was to lose weight before going on holiday, I followed the program for 12 weeks and lost 14 pounds, which was my aim. I told Jamie my goals and he created a program that worked for me and the results spoke for themselves, he was always available for advice and answered every question I had no matter how silly or insignificant I thought it might be. A genuinely friendly and approachable guy who is brilliant at what he does!

Alison - Surrey UK

I was in a rut about a year ago, needed to lose weight and was a my rock bottom fitness-wise. I'd followed Jamie for a long time online so I decided to reach out and ask for advice. He was very approachable and knowledgable. We talked through my goals and I felt no judgement when I explained my weight and fitness levels. He tailored me a plan that would work for me, around my schedule and without a gym membership. He set me up an eating plan and was always on hand when I needed advice and guidance. I'm not going to pretend it was easy but it was manageable and the differences were noticable quickly. I felt so much stronger and lost 9lbs in the first month.

I'd really recommend Jamie if you are in need of a knowledgable and friendly (but firm), nudge in the right direction!

Philippa - Hove UK