Group Training

What do I need for my first class?

All you need is a water bottle, a sweat towel, work out clothing, and a hard working attitude.

What time are the classes?

All class times can be found on our services page here. All we ask is that you turn up 10 minutes early for your class so we can start on time.

I am a beginner do I need Fitness Experience?

NO, show up with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic! Our Trainers will teach you, motivate you and assist you with anything you are unsure about!

What can I expect from a class?

Classes are designed to push you, but you decide how hard you push yourself. We work hard, we have fun so be ready to sweat, breathe heavy and leave feeling LIMITLESS! for more infomation on classes visit our services page here.

How much do Classes cost?

Single classes can be purchased for £10. You can also purchase a monthly memberships payment plans here.

1:1 Training

Who is 1:1 Training for?

For individuals looking for a more private and personal session.

I am a beginner and looking to start my fitness journey do I need experence?

Training experience is not required we were all beginners once. We will guide you through your session giving you all the tools you need to start your journey.

Do you offer nutrtional advice and meal plans

This is an option if you feel a more regimented approach is required to hit your goals however we do not like to provide meal plans we find them unsistainable. We work on a flexible approach to nutrition following a calorie and macronutrient framework. This may be new to many people but we aim to educate you on the basics of nutrition and ask everyone to track their daily food consumption via the myfitnesspal App.

What if I miss a booked session?

We ask that if you can't make a workout you infrom us at least 24 hours before your session so we can reschedule your session. If 24 hours isn't given you will lose the chance to reschedule and be charged the full cost of the session.

How much do 1:1 sessions cost?

Single sessions start at £40PH with price plans avaliable for block bookings. Please visit our services page here for more infomation.

Can I Share my session with a friend?

Yes we do offer Small Group sessions. If interested in this option please Contact us here for more details.

I'm a new Client and have lots of questions what do I do?

At Limitless Training we are here to answer any question you have, no question is a stupid question. All you need to do is drop your Trainer a message or an email and they will either message, call or discuss the issue with you at your next session.

Where do 1:1 sessions take place?

We can come to you in your own home if you dont want to train in a gym. We understand they can be an intimidating place. Alternatively we can train outside if the weather permits.